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Hi, I’m Lauren

I was you. I was lost with limited support, I had dreams to transform my life for the better but lacked the support of a professional who truly understoodmy weight loss journey. That’s why I decided to become a Bariatric Nurse Consultant. I want you to succeed and I want to provide you with the tools to lose that weight for good. I lost 54kg and I will never see that weight again, and neither will you! Sign up for your personalised 12 week course today, the best investment in yourself you could make.

Lauren Peat

I have been working with Lauren for the past three months and she has been amazing. Lauren has helped me with the head games and such an easy lady to work with. Have signed on for another year as I need help still. She is worth every dime. 🤗

Pre and post surgery it is amazing to have a support person that not only understands the science but understands what you are going through. You may not know what you don’t know, but Lauren does. I would highly recommend coaching with Lauren both before and after surgery.

I first started working with Lauren at about 6 weeks post op, the weekly appointments helped to keep me on track and also on the weeks I was struggling Lauren would be there right next to me supporting me even more. The way she runs her programmes is great because for me it’s a holistic approach that encompasses every part of a persons life, from health related choices right down to organisation.