Looking good has never tasted so good…

Our new taste-free protein powder has arrived!

Reach your daily protein goals after weight loss surgery easily with Baribody, our specially formulated taste free protein powder. Baribody protein powder is proudly New Zealand made and manufactured using the best bovine collagen available.

This easily absorbed protein powder is completely taste free. This means you can add it to any food or drink- hot or cold. Our clients add it to coffee, bliss balls, salad dressings and even sugar-free ice cream. The options are endless!

13g protein per serve

Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Low Fat, Low Salt and Sugar Free

Protein source from Bovine Collagen

“Absolute winner gf! Dissolves way better then normal and it’s actually tasteless!!!! I’m sold. Totally in love with your powder! Just can’t believe it.. I put it in to yogurt tonight and boom nothing changed… normally the consistency goes runny with the other one!”

“Hi Lauren, loved that protein powder, it seemed to not be so ‘thick’ in my morning coffee. Does it have the same amount of protein in it?”

“I put a serving in my coffee today! Legit this is good stuff!!! Mixed in straight away and I could not taste it.”

“Hey Lauren. I was going to message you and say I was very impressed! It didn’t curdle in hot water like the *BRAND HIDDEN* one did! And it had no taste or smell and I was super impressed!”

“Oh it was great! I had mine in a cup of tea and didn’t taste a thing or feel any textural yucky. I’m pretty sensitive to the protein powders….. pretty bloody awesome product.”

“Can’t wait to get the full pack, I loved the samples you sent.”

“My only complaint is it goes too quickly, hubby has started putting it into his coffees in the morning now too. He reckons it gives him that extra energy to get through calving! This stuff is brilliant, both of us hate the taste of protein powders, and other versions of ‘tasteless’ stuff have a funny texture. This one doesn’t!”