Ever feel like there is just

'NOT ENOUGH HOURS' in the day?

It's frustrating when you're working so hard for your patients, and don't seem to have the time to provide the comprehensive aftercare they need to succeed.

Imagine you could outsource an entire aspect of your clinic, knowing that there are qualified professionals on hand for questions 24/7. Imagine that you could not only spare your time but provide extra value to your clients at no cost to you. Well now you can!

Unique online solution for More Patient Engagement at Less Cost

Lauren Peat Bariatric Coaching is uniquely qualified to provide post operative care and client support. We offer not only professional expertise, but also lived experience of bariatric surgery and weight loss—providing a deeper level of knowledge and understanding for clients.

We have used this insider knowledge to develop a 52-week, intensive support programme that supports behavioural and lifestyle changes to equip clients with the tools to keep weight off for good. This programme is online and can be accessed from anywhere- at any time.


We deliver an online programme with a range of psychological, dietary and physical techniques to ensure long-term success.


On-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- we are there to answer questions related to all aspects of life after weight loss surgery (or summarised and forwarded to you as necessary).


As patients spend time with us, and get the strategies they need to make real implementable lifestyle changes, they are more likely to refer your clinic to friends and family too!


I'm Lauren,

A bariatric surgery patient and Registered Nurse, my passion is to help you transform your life...

I’ve been on all sides of the weight loss surgery journey, and know how overwhelming it can be to learn all the new do's and don't with every person having a different opinion on exactly what it is you should be doing. I've personally walked the highs and low of this experience as well as understand the pathophysiology and chemistry changes required of both body and mental changes required post op. 

 The key understanding and turning point for me lead me to create my signature programme, your patients will benefit by learning the Key steps to bariatric success:

1. Understanding the rules (rule book)

2. Having a game plan to implement the changes

3. Expanding on these rules to learn the play (pre match training) 6/12 week group course

4. The Game changer - Implementing the learnings from these programs to sustain long term success via teaching implementation, support and most importantly accountability and community. 

I truly believe most important step for improving your surgical outcome long term is doing the mind work and working out why you eat the way you do. Then working out how to change these old habits, paving the way into a beautiful new SUSTAINABLE life.

one off session with Lauren Peat

Having worked with hundreds of weight loss surgery patients like yours, and with lived experience- I'm keen to share my knowledge.

I started Lauren Peat bariatric coaching in 2020 because I'm passionate about making weight-loss surgery support affordable and accessible.

I look forward to sharing my tips and tricks with your patients through my Bariatric Game Changer Program, to help you grow your mind and your life to finally be free!

As seen in...

Introducing our Bariatric Game Changer Coaching Programme...

You know you're ready for more support than a one-off appointment with a health professional. You're ready to roll your sleeves up and achieve a transformation.

We've designed the Game Changer with the best of all the bits - so you can make real time supported life changes!

It has the convenience of step-by-step online training and templates, community and collaboration of group coaching, with the personalised focus of one-to-one goal support coaching.  

Delivered over 12-months, it's our most comprehensive package to support you in getting long term growth!

Here's what you get as a Game Changer...


I’ve worked out all the essentials you need to implement your new lifestyle (no more yoyo diets I promise) and bundled them all into one easy-to-implement framework. Master your mindset, create goals and a game plan, then learn and implement the most amazing SUSTAINABLE changes to your life.


Fortnightly group coaching calls with your coach via Zoom, they will guide you through the Game Changer framework, providing ongoing support and accountability. 

The calls are perfectly spaced to give you plenty of time to implement your plans.


At the beginning of our time together (and every 3 months) you'll meet with you coach to get clear on all your goals, and craft you a personalised plan.

It means both you and your bariatric coach are on the same page to help drive you to your goals.


Keep on track by your commitment to the community, get encouragement, support and most importantly self accountability to achieve your weekly snack sized goals.


I know you’ll have questions outside of our calls, so you’ll have access to the team in the private member’s Facebook group. Here I’ll provide accountability and answer any additional questions so that you won’t lose momentum.


As an extra, if there is an area you are really struggling to understand or would like a coach to really help you unpack what is going on for you and provide you with a targeted plan for you specific area e.g. psychology, nutrition, meal planning etc.

We can't wait to help you to achieve your clinic goals, free up your time and set yourself up for success...

Here's what your patients would get with our Bariatric Game Changer Program:

  • 4 x quarterly one-on-one coaching sessions with your coach -  valued at $1600
  • Unlimited coaching support in the community Facebook group- priceless really! But let's value it at $5,000
  • Lifetime access to the Game Changer online program - valued at over $6,000
  • Optional Fortnightly Group Coaching Calls – valued at $3,900
  • Weekly Accountability group posts / emails - valued at $520
  • Guest speakers through out the year from some many different areas designed to help create your new life valued at $2500
  • A whole new way of living - priceless or (the price of your surgery depending how you look at it)!


Holistic Care

"I have been with Lauren for over a year now and into my second. She has been a life savior for me and has helped me through some tough times. Highly recommend Lauren, worth every penny!"

Julia Ferguson


I highly recommend Lauren's Bariatric Coaching program.

I love the programs Lauren offers to Bariatric Clients. I have found her various programs valuable, informative and supportive. I find it extremely important that Lauren fully understands the journey. Lauren enhances further the tool that Bariatric Surgery offers.

Vicki Emerson


It's has changed everything for me!

I’ve done the complete course with Lauren Peat - and believe me it’s changed everything for me. Looking back we really have no idea how to cope.. I’m so grateful that I found Lauren. I’ll be signing up for another course just to keep myself accountable.

- Robyn Saint Laurent



What hours are the coaching calls available?

We're flexible, we can work around your work, your family or any other commitments you may have. This programme is all about you, so we work all hours to ensure there is a time that suits everyone.

I want more one-to-one sessions, is that available?

Yes, absolutely. For most of our Game Changer clients, we find that with all the additional support available with the package, one intensive one-to-one session every three months is adequate. 

However, if you have a particularly complex situation you want extra support for, additional sessions are available at our VIP rate to be discussed on application.


We encourage you to attend group calls as these are going to help you achieve your personalised plan faster, and keep you motivated. They're there as an additional resource for you for maximum support - but should never be a distraction or prevent you from spending your time taking action. These are always recorded so you can watch them back at a more convenient time if you need to.

Our group coaching calls vary in times every week so that everyone can have a chance to attend regardless of their schedule.

How will the Coaching calls take place?

We host all of our meeting using Zoom. The link to join the Zoom meeting can be found on our exclusive Facebook group page. All you need to do is click this link and follow the instructions provided.

If you've never used Zoom before, we recommend that you allow additional time prior to the meeting to download the app to make your viewing experience better and ensure you are on time to the meeting.

Do I have to have had weight loss surgery?

We cater for all decision stages in the weight loss surgery journey, whether it be pre-op or 10 years down the track! Our team are knowledgable in all aspects and can even help you make that initial decision if need be.


Great question and I'm glad you asked! Game Changers is a doing programme which is designed to help you get maximum return on your investment by enabling you to suceed long term. In order for this to happen, you will have things to implement in your life in between our calls.

Your Game Changer investment will work best for you if you have a minimum of 0.5 hours + per week on average available to work on your lifestyle.
(Some of the work you'll already be doing anyway)

This isn't a lose weight fast scheme. If you're not prepared to put in the work, this isn't the right fit for you.


Short answer - no. That would be silly.

Unfortunately this is impossible to do. Your individual results will vary depending on a number of factors and your individual goals.

What I can say though, is that we've seen success using these techniques and strategies in hundreds of clients. So we know that our strategies work. 


Game Changers isn't for everyone. We get that.

We're not here to trap you into a 12-month membership if the fit isn't right for you! If you feel it's not the right program for you in the first 30 days, contact us and we'll cancel your membership. Your first month membership payment is however non-refundable, unless you haven't had any of the 1:1 sessions or support. 

If life happens after this time (as we know from experience that things change) and you need to pause your membership while you navigate your personal life, we can pause your membership for up to two months, extending the duration at the other end.


What will this cost me?

Absolutely nothing. The cost is all passed onto the patients.

What if you can't answer a question?

We will keep you updated regularly with regards to questions asked. If there is a question where we feel it is beyond our qualifications we will pass on the question to you immediately.

How much feedback will I get in regards to my patient?

Open communication is so important to us, but we recognise that this programme is designed to save you time. Our standard reporting period is quarterly however this flexible depending on your requirements.

Will this be available to other surgeons?

We are limiting our offering to one surgeon per region to ensure exclusivity.

Do you work with pre-op patients at all?

We cater for all decision stages in the weight loss surgery journey, whether it be pre-op or 10 years down the track! Our team are knowledgable in all aspects.

DO YOU guarantee RESULTS?

Short answer - no. That would be silly.

Unfortunately this is impossible to do. Your patients' individual results will vary depending on a number of factors and their individual goals.

What I can say though, is that we've seen success using these techniques and strategies in hundreds of clients. So we know that our strategies work. 


 We uphold the NZ Privacy Act in our company and do not share / sell any client information we hold. Confidentiality is our highest priority.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to free up your schedule?

Let's start today. Work with us by emailing us on lauren@laurenpeat.com or clicking the link below...