Want to break free from snacking habits? Regain control over your food choices and say goodbye to snacking for good!

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Sale Price: $197

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What would happen?

If you were making conscious choices about your food without needing to rely on will power, would that change things for you?


It might mean freedom (from worry and anxiety) knowing that you have more control, your weight would start dropping and you wouldn't have to worry about regain.


Or, it might mean being able to actually be present in your family's life, take part in those big life events you've been sitting on the sideline watching for years.


You've probably heard that surgery was the answer...but you know your mindset needs to change.

  • Do you feel like you are going to fail at this too?

  • Are you confused when it comes to what to eat and how much you should be eating?

  • Do you wish there was an easy way to make changes and ditch those addictive foods for good?

  • Do you want to feel amazing, and show up in your life without feeling like you are on yet another yoyo diet?

  • Does it feel like your diet is constantly in a state of feast or famine and a mental struggle?

If you are saying "HECK YES" while reading these questions, then it's time for you to join my sanity-saving Habits to Happy program. Let's get your habits working, so you can enjoy a life of choices - less the regain again!


Here’s what people are saying about this course:


Wow, best course I have ever done

I am usually not one for online course but honestly this course was amazing, I was able to do it in my own time, my lifestyle has improved so much! I have made some amazing subconscious changes like giving up potato chips!


Lauren just gets me.

I was struggling so much before this course my binge eating was out of control and the kgs had found their way back on, I was feeling hopeless, this course has changed all that for me, I am inspired and the its so much easier to make healthier choices. Thanks again Lauren.


If you want a program that works, do this one!

Its easy, it makes sense and the community is really cool. I have really enjoyed this course and the 5kg I have lost since starting it.


Habits to Happy


After Going Through Habits to Happy You Will Have The Skills To Create AMAZING sustainable habits that get those scales moving and feel free from the food trap. 

It doesn't matter where you are on your journey:

  • Considering surgery,
  • preop,
  • post op
  • or 20 years down the track

You will benefit from this course

Ready to see what's inside?

Here’s what you’ll learn in Habits to Happy!

Habits to Happy online course

I’ve designed the Habits to Happy online course with some of my best content to enable you to start implementing tools to help you succeed long-term on your weight loss journey. This course is a recorded course, that is high value with a lower cost than my one on one programs. Delivered over approximately 2-3 hours- you can make real-time life changes with less time commitment needed!

It has the convenience of step-by-step online training, templates, and community so you can truly get the amazing results you have been working so hard for.

Delivered online and self-paced this is the course you have been waiting for!

Here’s what you get on the Habits to Happy course…


I’ve worked out all the essentials you need to implement your new lifestyle (no more yoyo diets I promise) and bundled them all into one easy-to-implement framework. Master your mindset, create goals and a game plan, then learn and implement the most amazing SUSTAINABLE changes to your life.


I know you’ll have questions outside of our course, so you’ll have access to the team in the private member’s Facebook group. Here I’ll provide accountability and answer any additional questions so that you won’t lose momentum.


As an extra, if there is an area you are really struggling to understand or would like a coach to really help you unpack what is going on for you and provide you with a targeted plan for you specific area e.g. psychology, nutrition, meal planning etc

Module 1:

Build the Foundation - Tiny Habits

Learn how to create habits that last.

This module is a key step on your journey to success and at the end of it you will have:

  • The 3 steps required to create new sustainable habits
  • Understand why habit creation can be easy but why it hasn't worked for you in the past
  • Set up your first tiny habit

Module 2:

NLP - Like to dislike session

Let me help you reprogram your subconscious away from the food that is getting you and sabotaging all the hard work you have put in

This module focuses on:

  • A quick simple solution to stop snacking on a certain food such as coke, chocolate or potato chips
  • Takes away the willpower required to change this habit
  • Enables you to be free of this habit for good, I hope you are ready!

Module 3:

Healing your inner child

Let me help you on your journey to healing by addressing your relationship with your inner child

This module focuses on:

  • Learning to parent yourself
  • Making amends with yourself so that emotional based eating reduces
  • Healing and growth

Module 4:

Strategic Visioning

Let me help you see into the future where you are successful and achieve your goals

This module focuses on:

  • Setting some amazing goals that enable your long-term success
  • Using NLP we put a subconscious program in so that your brain is 

able to take the steps it needs to achieve your amazing goals easily and effortlessly.

  • Hello success!

Let's do this!

Here’s what you get on the habits to happy course…

  • Like to dislike NLP reprogramming, get rid of the food you can’t stay away from for good – valued at $2000
  • Support group, ongoing support, accountability, a support network like no other! – valued at $1000
  • Steps on how to create habits – valued at $250
  • Inner child work – valued at $250
  •  Strategic visioning, setting some amazing dream goals that get planted into your subconscious using NLP – valued at $2000
  •   A whole new way of living – priceless or (the price of your surgery depending on how you look at it)!

All of this is yours for just $197

Check out just some of our weekly wins:

About Lauren

Welcome to Lauren Peat – Bariatric Coaching!

Empowering you to achieve lasting weight loss and transform your life.

As a registered nurse specializing in bariatric care, I understand the challenges and complexities of weight management, plus I’ve lived it as a fellow weight loss surgery patient, there is nothing worse than having someone tell you to do this and do that when they haven't been through the same process, but I get you. I've lived it, I get the mental struggles, I get the self doubt and self-sabotage, and I even get the transference addiction. I am here to guide and support you on your journey to sustainable weight loss through our comprehensive bariatric coaching courses.

xx Lauren

What have you got to lose?


You may be like Lynette, who wanted to finally get her snacking under control 7 years post-op because she knew if she kept going the way she did she would end up at her preop weight.  Or, Erica whose goal was to mindset 6 months post-op so that she didn't have to stress about regaining weight going forward and could use her tools to keep her on track! I promise you, keeping the weight off and changing your habits doesn't have to be complicated. You just need to have the right person who gets you on your team.

It really is much easier than you think!

Tell me if this sounds like you. You know you have been able to lose weight before, and the ONLY thing holding you back is getting those pesky habits that have snuck back in, surgery is just a tool, let me help give you all the tools you need.


When it comes to the mind work after surgery, the biggest hurdles are 1. Getting started and 2. Knowing how to take yoyo dieting off the table, kicking willpower to the curb.  Habits to Happy takes the pressure off.  Just show up and we will walk through getting everything set up and ready to sort your food habits...step-by-step.

Still got Questions?


  • This tried and true formula has been used with the 100s of weight loss surgery clients I have worked with (including myself!) All of my resources and program development has come from a science basis - no airy fairy over here, its just not who I am.


  • Oh man, I have too!  It's the worst feeling to buy something and then feel overwhelmed with a big time commitment. The total video time for this course, just a couple of hours max!  Total!  Leaving you plenty of time to implement what you have learned and get started right away! I also recommend it be spaced out, Don't do it all at once, overwhelm isn't going to serve you here. And PLEASE watch the videos more than once, it will help solidify things for you.


  • My goal with habits to Happy is to keep it as affordable as possible, which means hands-on support/ 1:1 coaching isn't included. If you are looking for some additional help with your eating habits and emotional eating I have some amazing 1:1 offers available. That does provide you with incredible support and hands-on training. The Facebook community is a valuable resource please use it.


  • Absolutely, this course is for anyone who wants to break free from their less-than-ideal eating habits and we would love to have you!

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