You mean I can eat my dessert before dinner?

As a child I was often told if I didn’t eat all my dinner, I couldn’t have ice cream. I remember sitting for hours at the dinner table forcing myself to clean my plate, only to be too full for ice cream afterwards. Well this take on ice cream has enough of the good stuff to even be used as a meal in itself! So go for gold, just remember to take into account the fruit sugars from the frozen fruit!

protein ice cream

Protein ice cream / gelato


200ml cold water

Juice of ½ lemon

1 scoop of your favourite flavour protein water or tasteless protein powder

1 cup assorted frozen fruit and vegetables


1. Put the fruit and vegetables, lemon juice and protein water/ powder into the blender.

2.Turn it on and slowly drizzle in the water. Blend until it is thick and smooth.

3. Pour into a bowl to serve immediately.